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Saturday, June 11, 2011

An Easy Do-It-Yourself Trigger Job

by Steve Sorensen (originally published in Ohio Valley Outdoors magazine, July/August 2011)

The EZ-Pull Trigger Assist

Most guns come from the factory with a heavy trigger pull because, for liability reasons, manufacturers live by the “better-safe-than-sorry” school of thought. Almost any knowledgeable shooter will tell you that a lousy trigger pull is still harmful – harmful to accuracy – and that the starting place to better accuracy is a better trigger.

The bad news is that many hunters continue to suffer with a bad trigger because low to mid-priced guns often don’t justify the cost of a professional trigger job. Here’s the good news – a gunsmith has fixed that for you by making the E-Z Pull Trigger Assist.

At the Columbus Deer & Turkey Expo, I ran into the inventor of this device, Robert Nehrt. He showed me how it simply fastens onto your trigger guard and adds extra leverage to your trigger. No need to take your rifle or shotgun to a gunsmith – no internal or external modifications are necessary. Assembly instructions and an Allen wrench are included, and you can remove the device from one gun and attach it to another.

My buddy put one on his turkey shotgun this spring, and loved it. I put one on my Remington 788, a rifle that’s not especially receptive to trigger work, and improved its accuracy in the woodchuck fields.

The E-Z Pull Trigger Assist has a small roller bearing which rests on the bottom of your trigger, and smoothly compounds the pressure on your trigger to reduce the pull by 50% or more.

If you have a shotgun or rifle that needs a lighter trigger, if you want tighter groups, if you want your woodchuck rifle to be a better performer, but you don’t want to spring for an expensive custom trigger or a professional trigger job, the E-Z Pull Trigger Assist is exactly what you need. Check it out at


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