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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Bino-System Might Be Your Best Hunting Buddy

by Steve Sorensen
This system transforms your binoculars, camera or rangefinder from a literal pain in the neck to a handy tool that you hardly know is there until you need it.
You've seen these on countless programs on the Outdoor Channel. The hunter is setting up for the shot, the camera is behind him, and his back fills about a quarter of your TV screen while the camera focuses on the game animal. Two straps appear to cross the hunter's back, and you see a diamond-shaped piece of leather with a logo on it. When the hunter grabs his binoculars, seemingly out of nowhere, and takes one more look at his game, the camera focuses on the hunter. Now you can make out the image on the leather. It's a deer head. And if the camera would zoom in on it, you'd read "Crooked Horn Outfitters — Slide and Flex Bino-System." You're almost sure to see it next time you watch the Outdoor Channel.

It's no wonder so many hunters and outdoorsmen use it. This system transforms your binoculars, camera or rangefinder from a literal pain in the neck (and an annoyance bouncing against your chest) to a handy tool that you hardly know is there until you need it. Gone are the days of sore necks, binoculars bouncing uncomfortably against your chest or noisily against your gun, and the temptation to leave your binoculars at home.

I first saw the Bino-System while hunting with my father. He was never one to carry binoculars until he discovered this handy system. He liked it so many he bought 4 more, one for each of his sons. I can tell you, for the hunter, field photographer, or birdwatcher, it's one of the most appreciated gifts you could give.
Lennis Jantzen, owner of Crooked Horn Outfitters, must be thinking all the time about how to make better products for the outdoorsman. When he invented the Bino-System, he practically made obsolete every other camera or binocular strap made. The trick is that the Bino-System doesn't hang your optics around your neck. It holds them tightly against your chest supported by your shoulders. Like magic, you eliminate neck fatigue, and you'll hardly notice even the biggest, heaviest binoculars.

It's really very simple. You just slip your arms through the adjustable elasticized loops. The leather piece will be in the center of your back. The system comes with a set of split rings (like little half-inch key rings) that you attach to your optics. The rings snap into clips on the straps. The straps are elasticized and adjustable, so the Bino-System fits everyone, and holds even heavy optics right where you want them. I've gone ahead and purchased extra split rings from a local hardware store so I can make every camera and pair of binoculars I own ready to clip onto my Bino-System.

At $19.99 for black, and $24.99 for camo, it's salvation for your neck. Order yours direct from the Crooked Horn website:, and you'll start enjoying taking your binoculars with you every time you're in the field.


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