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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Diaphresh™ – Your Diaphragm Call-Freshening System

It’s about time someone invented a way to solve the myriad problems with your fragile diaphragm calls. This little item solves them all.

The carry problem – You’ll never go digging in a pocket to locate a call. Keep them safe, fresh and handy in the unique, slim Diaphresh Field Case. Just snap open the case and your three favorite calls are ready to go.

The noise problem – The Field Case holds your calls inside, keeps them from rattling, and the latch on the lid snaps silently and securely.

The care problem – When calling it quits for the day, easily rinse away saliva and bacteria right in the field while the calls are still wet. Just dump an ounce... (Read more at NWPA Outdoors.)